Weiss-300x300Ron Weiss joined the BE and EECS faculties as dual associate professor (with tenure) starting in July 2009, having moved from Princeton University where he held comparable rank in their department of electrical engineering and with a joint appointment in their department of molecular biology. His degrees are double BA in Computer Science and Economics from Brandeis University (1992), followed by SM and PhD in EECS at MIT (1994, 2001). Professor Weiss’s research focuses on programming new cellular behaviors by designing and embedding synthetic gene networks that perform desired functions in single cells and multi-cellular environments. This nascent field of synthetic biology holds promise for a wide range of applications such as programmed tissue engineering, cancer therapeutics, environmental biosensing and effecting, biomaterial fabrication, and an improved understanding of naturally occuring biological processes.


Brian Teague is currently a postdoctoral associate in Ron Weiss’ laboratory. He earned his B.A. in biochemistry and computer science from Rice University and his Ph.D. from the University of Wisconsin-Madison in Cellular and Molecular Biology. Brian’s interests include instrumentation for interrogating biological systems; extracting meaning from large data sets (statistics, algorithms, modeling, visualization, ontologies); emergence of global behavior from local rules in single cells; and turning undergraduates into scientists.