Rahul Sarpeshkar

Associate Professor

Email: rahuls@mit.edu
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Rahul Sarpeshkar obtained Bachelor’s degrees in Electrical Engineering and Physics at MIT. After completing his PhD at Caltech, he joined Bell Labs as a member of technical staff in the department of Biological Computation within its Physics division. Since 1999, he has been on the faculty of MIT’s Electrical Engineering and Computer Science Department where he heads a research group on Analog Circuits and Biological Systems. He holds over twenty five patents and has authored more than 100 publications including one featured on the cover of NATURE. His invention of cytomorphic electronics, described in his recent book, Ultra Low Power Bioelectronics: Fundamentals, Biomedical Applications, and Bio-inspired Systems has established an important bridge between electronics and chemistry and lays a foundation for a rigorous analog circuits approach to systems biology and synthetic biology. He has received several awards including the NSF Career Award, the ONR Young Investigator Award, the Packard Fellows Award and the Indus Technovator Award.