Kenneth Oye

Associate Professor

Email: oye@MIT.EDU
Faculty Profile

Kenneth A. Oye is Director of the MIT Program on Emerging Technologies (PoET), with a joint appointment in Political Science and Engineering Systems.  Professor Oye serves as Director of Policy and Practices in the NSF Synthetic Biology Engineering Research Center (SynBERC), Chair of the Safety Committee of iGEM, a faculty research lead at the MIT Center for Biomedical Innovation, a member of the NRC Board on Global Science and Technology, and a member of the IRGC Scientific Advisory Board.   In 2012-2013, he served as an invited expert with the President’s Council of Advisors on Science and Technology on pharmaceuticals innovation and on the WHO consultation on Dual Use Research of Concern.

His books include Cooperation under AnarchyEconomic Discrimination and Political Exchange, and four volumes on American foreign policy.  His recent articles include pieces on adaptive regulation in Technology Forecasting and Social Change, on drug licensing in Clinical Pharmacology and Therapeutics, biosecurity in Politics and the Life Sciences, techno-libertarianism in Issues in Science and Technology, with forthcoming pieces on biosecurity in ACS Synthetic Biology and on environmental effects of synthetic biology in the Journal of Environmental Studies and Sciences.

Professor Oye has taught at the John F. Kennedy School at Harvard University, the University of California at Davis, Princeton University and Swarthmore College.   He holds a BA in Economics and Political Science with Highest Honors from Swarthmore College and a Ph.D in Political Science with the Chase Dissertation Prize from Harvard University.